Dear mineral collectors and friends,

After long-term preparations, we are finally launching a new version of our online store. We want to provide you with options that we think are a good standard today – card and PayPal payments, faster shopping and pass through the cart, mobile version of the site, or even a secure connection.

What’s changing for you? Nothing changes, but the e-shop should now be easier to control on a large computer and on your mobile, and it should no longer happen that you will see a stock item that we have already sold.

Sold stones will be automatically removed from the system. In the new e-shop, you will no longer see a gallery of sold stones, this category became bigger and bigger over time and already took up an unbearably large capacity on the server. However, all the stones you will see on our e-shop will be available and this will make your orientation easier.

In addition to photos of the stones, you will find a 3D image of the individual items, composed of photos around the entire sample and, over time, a video of the rotating sample will be added. Thanks to this, you will get a better idea of ​​the real form of the offered stone.

For those of you who have a registered profile on our website, the same e-mail under which you logged in remains. We just need your help with the following:

  • You have received an invitation to a new e-shop in your e-mail box.

We are still based at the same internet address (, so don’t worry, there’s no fraudulent email.

  • Along with the invitation, a randomly created new password will be entered in your e-shop. It’s because we have your old passwords safely encrypted against strangers, so we don’t have any way to get to them either. If you want to change your newly assigned password, do so at the top of the menu in the “My Account” tab and then on “Account Details”.
  • Re-enter your billing or delivery address (if different), including first name, last name and phone. If you have, so please re-enter your registration number and VAT number. Feel free to do it when you first buy it at the new e-shop. You don’t have to change the e-mail, we’ve already saved it, and you’ll find the invitation and password mentioned.
  • Please make sure that emails from our store do not go to spam. We still use the same “” email, but when we change the e-shop, it can happen.

And that’s it! We look forward to seeing you and we firmly believe that the new e-shop will make you happy. 🙂

Petr Cerny