Terms & Conditions

  1. General

    1. By sending a binding order the buyer confirms, that he (she) got to know these Terms and Conditions and agrees with them. These Terms and Conditions delimitate and specify more in detail the rights and obligations at making a contract between the seller (4C Minerals Ltd., registration number 28505841; in Czech: 4C Minerals, s.r.o., IČO: 28505841; the seller carries an internet shop with decorative stones at the URL address http://www.mineralscollector.com) and the buyer.
  2. Object of the agreement

    1. Object of the agreement is the wares specified in the binding order of the buyer. The dimensions, mass, locality of origin as well as relevant photograph(s) corresponds to the properties of every individual object. The buyer may prior to the order ask by e-mail question to eventual verification or completion of these data. All photographs are protected by copyright.
    2. The seller commits himself to supply the wares to the buyer, in accordance with specification according to abovementioned description.

    3. The delivery point is the address for delivery as stated by the buyer in the order form.

  3. Ordering of the ware and making agreement

    1. The condition for order’s validity is to fill properly all prescribed data and terms in the order form by the buyer.

    2. To make the contract, the order confirmation by the seller is necessary. This confirmation will be sent to the buyer’s e-mail address at the latest within 3 working days from the day of order’s receipt, in the case of prepayments or sending to foreign countries advance bill will be attached.
    3. The buyer commits himself to take delivery of the items ordered and to pay the all-in cost, including the costs for delivery (postage, COD) specified in the order confirmation.

    4. The buyer has a right to cancel the order sent by him by a notice sent to the seller’s e-mail address [email protected] within one hour after sending the order.
    5. The seller has a right, depending on the order’s character – amount of the items, price and similar – to ask the buyer for authorization of the order in a suitable manner (e.g., by e-mail or telephone). The order is regarded as invalid, if the buyer refuses to make this authorization in the manner required.
    6. The seller reserves the privilege to refuse the order, if the data of buyer or of the delivery point are misleading, erroneous or incomplete.

    7. If the buyer does not fulfill his obligation to take delivery of and pay for the bindingly ordered wares, the seller has right to stop or refuse fulfillment of other orders from this buyer.
  4. Recision of contract

    1. In accordance with §53, Section 7 of the Civil code (§53 odst. 7 občanského zákoníku), the buyer has a right to back out of the agreement within 14 days from taking delivery of the wares, if the buying contract was made using means of remote communication.
    2. The buyer notifies the backing out of the agreement by sending e-mail to the address [email protected], or in writing to the shop address: 4C minerals, s.r.o., Korunní 29, CZ-12000 Praha 2, Czech Republic.
    3. The buyer sends the wares at own costs back to the address of the 4C Minerals shop. The wares returned together with the original of sales document must be delivered to the address of 4C Minerals, at the latest 14th day of the refund’s term.
    4. The wares returned must be complete according to the purchase agreement and must not show evidences of damage. If it be to the contrary, the buyer may refuse the wares, or may ask an adequate compensation subtracted from the price after agreement with the buyer.
    5. In case of smooth refunding of the wares free of reason, the seller will transfer the price to the buyer’s account without baseless delay, at the latest within 30 days from the reclamation. From the full price the delivery costs will be subtracted.
  5. Damaged arrivals

    1. For transport of the articles is responsible the transporter. Accepting the article, please check if the packing is intact and if the article shows no evidences of damage.

  6. Record and protection of personal data

    1. All personal data afforded by the buyer will be used solely for business purposes of the seller and will not be afforded to third parties. The only exceptions are external transporters of articles (Česká pošta s.p. etc.). All data will be handled in accordance with the law 101/2000 Sb. of personal data protection.
  7. Final dispositions

    1. Unless these terms and conditions state otherwise, the legal relations between the contracting parties comply with the law 40 / 1964 Sb. of the Civil code (Občanský zákoník).

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