Today we started recording so-called single crystals for you in our e-shop. These isolated, non-deposited crystals have become increasingly popular among collectors in recent years. They excel in particular in high aesthetic value, so independent, usually smaller crystals sometimes show crystal perfection and balanced beauty without any damage. Or, conversely, non-traditional elements such as various types of uneven development, inclusions and rare fusions sometimes stand out. Among the pioneers of this trend of mineralogical collections are mainly collectors in the USA, who traditionally emphasize the high aesthetic form of stones. From the American continent, this fashion wave gradually spread all over the world. This is not only due to the practicality of the “single crystal” collection, which does not take up as much space as compared to traditional matrix samples, but especially due to the beauty and impressiveness of free crystals. Their installation and placement in a lighted display case becomes a fun game, but at the same time a distinctive work of art, which in the end takes the breath away of experts as well as lay viewers thanks to its color and variety of shapes.

Equip your single-crystal display case too!