We are currently uploading zeolites and related silicates from Czechn republic for you. Thanks to the great geological diversity in our country, many zeolites from different types of rocks have been described. The Czech Republic is known for its zeolites mainly due to occurrences in the volcanics of the Central Bohemian Highlands and the Doupov Mountains, not to mention the Moravian and Silesian volcanics and the Permian volcanics of the Bohemian Paradise. In addition to these classical areas, zeolites are also found in isolated volcanic bodies, for example in western Bohemia, the Kladno Basin or near Pardubice.

However, zeolites are also among the favorite minerals of alpine veins, whether from the Čáslav region or from the Jeseníky Mountains. Zeolites are also one of the youngest minerals of ore veins in the Příbram region or the Dolní Rožínka uranium deposit. Rare zeolites also include cesium-rich pollucite, which typically occurs in lithium pegmatites, with localities in southern Bohemia or Moravia.